My workhorse, is a MBP 15″ from 2009. When I bought it, is specs where 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB @7200RPM hard drive and a matte display.


First came the memory upgrade to it’s max, 8 GB of RAM then a SSD drive. The SSD drive it is an Sandisk Extreme with 120GB.

I forgot to mention that I keep both hard drives, I took off the Superdrive and placed the 500GB hd on its place and the SSD where the 500GB where. I use the SSD as my boot drive, I also moved all the user data to the 500GB hd, so the SSD only has system files.

Since the day I bought this laptop, it has been working almost every day, and I say almost just because, from time to time I need a break away from computers, rather then that this baby its always doing something.

I’ve been working in IT for more then 15 years, I had a few laptops, but this one beat them all in terms of performance, reliability and stability. Some years ago I had an IBM Thinkpad, since then that was my reference in terms of a good hardworking laptop, now that has changed.

My daily job as a system administrator, I don’t have the need for the best laptop in terms of performance, but that it isn’t true when I’m editing photos or videos, and this MBP has been up to the task.

At the moment it is running Mac OSX 10.9, the next upgrade has to be the battery since it’s already reporting as Service Battery, have to change before some component fries up.




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