Petzl Alto Crashpad


Last weekend, we headed to Santo Tirso, after a week of rain, and with some light rain in the morning the conditions weren’t going to be perfect bouldering day, but we just wanted to get outside no matter what. As soon as we got their we were able to see that we would be lucky to even get our hands on chalk, but we did. Most of the boulders where really wet, eventhough we gave it a shot.. We had this opportunity to try the new Petzl Alto crashpad, and I did some comparison photos with my really old, 10 years old, Beal.

I put them side by side, to have an idea of the dimensions. In terms of height they are pretty much the same, no big difference there, but in terms of width the Beal is the winner, it’s a bit wider.













The Petal Alto, has this feature that I really liked. There are times when we have to get our crash on muddy, wet surfaces, with this cover we can have some piece of mind that our clothes won’t get more dirty then they already are 🙂 .



It looks really well built and durable, the zip felt bombproof so the fabric. The corners are rounded and the fabric has some rubber to protect it.

JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9508 JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9501


To carry it around, you have several options, in clamshell mode a nice suspension for your back, I can see myself getting into Hoya Moros, having this as my backpack. For women, the shoulder straps seemed a bit to wide.





JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9518 JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9524JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9517


When we are moving from boulder to boulder the only option that we have to carry it, is using the shoulder strap which is convenient and confortable, we have to close it as shown bellow, fast and easy.

JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9493 JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9496


I think that an handle would be nice to have, but you only have it in backpack mode:



In terms of foam, it felt soft, for a brand new crash. I got the feeling that you would have to change the foam in a near future, but only time can tell.

Although, it felt great landing on it.

JB-141123-BoulderStoTirso-9549 (thanks Rache for the photo)

I will have the crash for some time, if someone is around Porto and wants to give it a try just get in touch with me.


  • Weight: 5,7 Kg
  • Fabric: Cordura Ballistic
  • Zip: YKK nr 10
  • Dimensions: 118 x 110 x 10 cm
  • Foam: 3 layer polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PU)



To sum up, I got really impressed by the construction of the crash, the only thing that got me thinking was the foam, but at the end it’s a really awesome chashpad, well built. The only down side it’s the price, above the 200€ mark, I think it’s a bit high for a crash of this size.


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