Nikon Support in PT

I would say it would be better to not have a representation than having this…

Regarding the issues with the Nikon D600, since I was going to be away for 2 months regarding health issues, although Eyelead proved to be a great solution, I though this would be the perfect time to get it repaired,  we were at the beginning of August.

I tried to get my equipment registered with Nikon PT, which ended up to be a nightmare, so I e-mailed then regarding this matter, after two weeks without a response I opened a ticket in their help desk system, which informed me that my question would be answered in 24 hours, a week pass by and nothing.

I got in touch with Nikon UK, which were really supportive and quick in their responses, at first they redirected me to Nikon PT, bunt after I told them what has been gone, they informed that I could send my equipment to be repaired in UK, but I would have to support the shipping cost, which seemed a reasonable solution for me, wash´t the fact that we were in the beginning of September and it could take up to 4 weeks for the D600 to be repaired, it would depend on the availability of the pieces needed.

Since, I have this trip on October, it will have to wait until I return.

Meanwhile, a guy from Nikon PT, answer to the UK ticket, informing that they are available at a certain address in Lisbon, and it got me thinking I will be in Lisbon next week, let me give it a try.

Already in Lisbon, I’m faced with a store with a closed door, and a sign asking for people to ring the hell, which I did, for 15 minutes, I could see lights inside but no one answered me.

I return, an hour after, lights out, door closed, I suppose no one will answer me now, I couldn´t even find the opening hours.

That’s why, most of the professional photographers in Portugal choose Canon, there isn’t any kind of Nikon Support available here!!!Diria que inexistente no entanto, existe uma loja à porta fechada com um reclame Nikon, seria preferível que não marcassem presença no nosso país, poupava-nos algum tempo e chatices.

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